What photography studio do I need?

photography studio

Choosing the right photography studio is one of the most important aspects of renting a shooting studio. You might want to consider the studio offers an area for a meeting room. Or maybe your focus is fashion and beauty, and you need a studio to have an adequate place for makeup and changing areas. All of these will convey a greater priority when you want to rent a studio.

In this post, we covered the major important things you should consider before renting a photography studio.

How Big Should a Photography Studio Be?

To answer this question you have to start with another question first: What is it you will be shooting in the studio primarily? If you are just planning on shooting food, products, and/or small objects you may get away with using a relatively small space. Perhaps even smaller than you might think. But if you will be shooting a lot of people and portraits then the equation can change considerably.

Does a Photoshoot Need a Lot of Space?

The amount of space you’ll need depends on the photo shoot in question. Several factors contribute to photoshoots, including how many people the studio is photographing and the number of props required for the shoot.

The more room a studio has, the better it’ll be. The ideal size for a photography studio is 1,250 square feet (16.13 sq m), which is double the least amount that’s required. The simplest way to calculate how much width you will need in your studio is to first measure the width of what you will be shooting.

Single Half Torso Portraits: Ideal: 26′ Long x 13′ Wide / Minimum: 12′ Long x 12′ Wide

Full-Length Body Portraits: Ideal: 36′ Long x 13′ Wide / Minimum: 26′ Long x 12′ Wide

Group Portraits: Ideal: 36′ Long x 16′ Wide / Minimum: 26′ Long x 15′ Wide

Food & Products: 7′ Long x 11′ Wide

Those should help to give you a general idea of how much space is needed for you that matches your needs. If you are planning to shoot cars, boats, planes, and helicopters you will probably need a lot more space than what we stated above.

In addition, it’ll make the studio easier to manage, especially if multiple shoots scheduled in a day differ entirely from each other. There will also be plenty of room to walk around.

Essential Equipment

What Type of Equipment Is Essential in a Photography Studio?

A photography studio needs various types of equipment to operate smoothly and offer different types of photos. Some equipment might not be necessary, depending on the types of shots the studio is primarily doing. However, most studios typically have the following essential equipment:

Backdrops and Backdrop Stands

Lighting Equipment

Cameras and Lenses

Here we provide 10 must-have items for any photo studio should have:

  • 1. Camera & Lenses

  • 2. Camera Bag

  • 3. Memory Cards

  • 4. Software for Photographer

  • 5. Tripod

  • 6. Lighting

  • 7. Backdrops

  • 8. Filters

  • 9. Camera Strap

  • 10. Cleaning Kits

What Type of Design and Décor should Photography Studio be?

In a room design, a photography studio can act as a portal, bringing the truth and glamour of another person, place, or time into the present moment.

Once you’ve settled on a location for your photo studio, you should move on to estimating the cost of repairs and renovations that the place would require. Assess the areas in which you specialize and consider the physical space that you have available.

"Different sizes of space are applied to different types of photography studios. And that means you need to measure your space and the genre of your studio photography (size of subjects) ahead of time." ~ Dylan Yu, Katebackdrop

So, think about it, before deciding which studio you need for your photography, imagining yourself setting in that space and feeling it, is it what you want? If yes, don't waste your time and go to book it. if not, try other imagination by seeing inspiring photo studio samples. Besides that, take a look at the shooting service at INSPIRE. We provide a varied range of architect décor.

Inspire art Camera

Professional photographer

Last but foremost, what is the best personality of a professional photographer? from all the metrics and points that we can categorize professional photographers, we can say a studio with good photographers means that they are creative and work well in a setting that allows for self-expression. They also tend to be enterprising, they are usually quite natural leaders who thrive at influencing and persuading others.

Here are five desirable qualities every good photographer should have:

  • Creativity and Imagination.

  • An Eye for Detail.

  • Patience and Flexibility.

  • Good People Skills.

  • Passion.


Besides all the material and detail we discussed, this decision is different from proposing to propose and person to person but never choosing your photo studio based on chance. Be professional and act like them. Prioritize what is important to you and be tough about them. Because whatever you do will have an impact on the future of your work.

In the end, we invite you to see the Inspire art and studio and its equipment, you can book a session and get the qualified result that you want.

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