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The use of Voice-Over Services in Istanbul

Updated: Mar 23

Voice-Over Services

Every marketing process for a service or product consists of various elements that play an essential role that cannot be ignored. Visual elements are of great importance, but it is incomplete without audio. Sound influences marketing campaigns greatly; it represents and delivers the brand’s message to targeted audiences. In this article, we learn more about this aspect of marketing that is offered by Inspire Studio for digital marketing services.

What is voice-over?

It is to convert written text into audio clips of a voice commentator either directly or through pre-recording then it is added to the required material after editing to coincide with the rest of the presentation elements of images, designs, video, etc. It is one of the methods of narrative using sound away from the camera. It provides a complementary explanation of images or videos and events that need to be described.

The vocal commentator is defined as having the vocal skill to read text often written in advance to deliver a specific message to listeners. Radio broadcasters and event commentators can also be considered vocal commentators. The vocal commentator acquires this skill through specialized training in this field and continuous practice. People working in this field may need a special diet that helps stimulate vocal cords and help them continue.

Professional audio clips are often recorded in dedicated spaces known as audio recording studios, as such clips need capabilities and tools to produce them in a publishable manner.

What is voice-over?

Top voice-over arts:

This art can be used in many different fields, the most prominent of which are:

  • Documentaries: Voiceover plays an important role in explaining and commenting on documentaries and scientific films, and this kind often requires slow to average-speed audio commentary.

  • Books and audio articles: Many audio channels have recently spread on various podcast platforms, which specialize in providing books and audio articles to raise awareness, especially for those who do not have time or do not prefer paper reading.

  • Advertising: some brands today have a distinctive voice, which companies and institutions adopt to find the voice that represents their values that appear through the tone of their voice. which increases public confidence in it.

  • Phone waiting messages: Through registered messages sent by phone companies to customers to inform them of a new service or automatic response to queries.

  • Series and audio cartoons: or what is known as the dubbing process, which is considered one of the most important parts of voiceover where dialogues between characters are recorded and then shown simultaneously with shows.

  • Smart applications: Voice commentary skill is used to create audio templates ready to respond to users and provide explanations of how these applications are used to increase interaction with the public, such as interactive educational applications for children.

  • In addition to many other uses such as commenting on health materials, video game promotions, and others.

Top voice-over arts

Voice-Over services at Inspire Studio:

The use of the right audio has proved to give great success for marketing videos because of the sense of trust and human communication to the customers and delivering the idea to be marketed more clearly and smoothly. Inspire studio provides this service through a professional team capable of performing texts of various kinds using the latest technology and advanced audio processing software.

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