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Visual Effects Studio

Updated: Mar 23

Visual Effects Studio

What are visual effects?

Visual Effects consist of all the editing and processing of visual scenes after filming. These processes combine initial footage with computer-generated graphics to create a realistic scene. Visual effects remove the need for expensive, impractical, or dangerous scenes, those can be mimicked using computer graphics.

Today, different visual effects techniques are heavily used in movies, especially to shoot difficult or time-consuming clips. Visual effects may also be used in promotional sections for marketing different products and services using digitally produced visual effects at a relatively small cost.

History of use of visual effects:

Visual effects originated as practical effects used in film productions, these initial effects were dolls to substitute for actors during dangerous stunts or action scenes. Similar methods were implemented in photography for more than a century, these were comprised of moving backgrounds, stop motion capture, interval photography, successive shots, and more.

Visual techniques go beyond simple traditional tricks to include today the process of creating a complementary digital environment through customized programs. Films today cannot be made without visual effects, these are a necessity in movie genres like horror, action, science fiction, etc.

History of use of visual effects

Techniques used in visual effects:

  • Practical Effects: These are visual tricks and illusions, implemented during the filming process. Practical effects differ from visual effects as they are basically simple and traditional visual or mechanical tricks, while visual effects are advanced digital modifications of scenes such as simulations, animations, backgrounds, and character replacements.

  • Photographic effects: These include editing and image processing to add or delete other items through camera settings or in the production and image processing phase.

  • Converting 2-D images into 3D and vice versa gives them a more realistic feel.

  • Processing shapes to appear as animations: This technology is used in the animation industry effectively and inexpensively.

  • Construction: By integrating separate visual elements into a single image, the viewer assumes that all items are in the same scene and this technology is done through digital construction software.

Techniques used in visual effects

Visual effects studio at Inspire:

To ensure that our visual effects service achieves the required goals, especially if we consider marketing projects that appear in public, it is necessary to produce these effects in a professional studio. Inspire Studios offers you a visual effects team of experts in various visual effects technologies who use the latest editing software and audio-visual processing to deliver exceptional work.

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