Photography and Editing Services

Photography & Photo editing Service

With the advancements in the technology of our time, mobile cameras became an irreplaceable part of our lives that help capture every moment of our lives. Editing software became accessible with the help of smartphone applications, offering restricted options to edit pictures. Companies and organizations require professional tools and advanced software to deliver satisfactory results. Inspire Studios provides a skilled and experienced team of photographers and editors for its customers.

What is photography?

Photography is an art that originated mainly because there was a need to capture moments in a way that traditional painters couldn’t. The painting took days and sometimes months to complete, this made them expensive and inaccessible to most. Initial photography techniques used light-sensitive silver-based films, these captured images without colors. Custom chemicals used to treat these films produced colored images. Editing these images was a difficult task that required extensive knowledge of chemistry to manipulate reactions and change limited aspects of the final image.

Digital photography uses electronic image sensors made up of millions of pixels that registered light and color data, the more pixels a sensor had, the higher the resolution of the image. Storage of these images became easy, sharing and printing of digital images were instant compared to older methods. Editing these images became a much easier process compared to their predecessors. Computer programs specializing in photo-editing made anything possible, all of this in the comfort of your desk.

There are many genres of photography, each with a special niche.

Street, Architectural, Wildlife, Landscape, Plant, Night, Products, and many more!

Photo Editing

Editing photos is done to highlight or improve certain elements and colors in images, especially if the purpose of the image is to market a product or service. The extent to which an image can be edited depends on the format in which it was captured, RAW file format for images offers the widest range for editing programs to make use of. Image files contain color and luminance data for each pixel, editing software interprets this data and manipulates it according to the user’s needs and wants.

Inspire’s Photography and Photo Editing Service:

Inspire’s studios offer professional photography and image processing using the latest technology in this field by experienced photographers. The company offers a special photography studio to shoot products in high resolution and modify them to suit the brand spirit they offer, it also provides external and aerial photography services with the latest tools and capabilities. If you are looking for a professional team to take an unconventional image of your product, Inspire Studio is your first choice.

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