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Motion Graphics & Animation

What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics are illustrations conveying an idea or meaning through motion. It is a form of animation that is directed for multimedia.

Motion graphics is one of the most important fields of design and marketing, playing a major role in the promotion of several brands, products, and services. Animations help simplify key information and convey it to target audiences. Motion graphics often include sound and visual effects whether 2-D or 3-D.

Marketing importance of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics have become one of the main tools for digital marketing. Attractive and simple visual content provides clear images for customers, making services and products easier to present.

Due to varied applications, motion graphics videos are in demand throughout. The concept of making motion graphics is well linked to the market. Be it any industry, there are ways in which these videos can enhance communication. The application fields can be gaming, learning, marketing, spreading social awareness, and training.

When it comes to marketing, motion graphics can create wonders. It can take a brand or a product to the next level by giving it better recognition, helping products reach potential customers along with the brand story that the creators of the brand are looking to promote.

The use of motion graphics saves time, money, and many other resources. Animated videos can be made in studios without having to shoot in outdoor environments. Also, money spent on expensive production requirements is cut down. The number of people working on the production is also comparatively smaller.

While motion graphics are produced, it is made sure that enough importance is given to detail. These videos are built from scratch keeping in mind all the requirements and are edited thoroughly. They capture every detail of the characters in the script and also the surroundings of the character. The production quality is thus sharper and clearer.

You may have associated motion graphics with infographics, but there is a fundamental difference between the two concepts. Infographics are static graphics or designs that often provide simplified and immobile explanatory information, photoshop is often used to produce such works.

Motion Graphics Requirements:

Motion graphics videos are products of overlapping ranges of disciplines, work in each of these areas must be done by trained and experienced teams. The expertise required to produce a motion graphic project is.

  • Design: This is the basis of everything, designers process all the shape graphics and characters that become elements of the video. Popular programs used in this field are Photoshop and Illustrator for 3-D graphics, 3-D Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D for 3-D graphics.

  • Animation: At this stage, images and graphics are converted into moving elements using programs that simulated natural movements such as AfterEffect, Blender, and more.

  • Editing: Here all the parts of the video are gathered and edited to fit the required criteria. Sound and visual effects are added if necessary through editing programs such as Adobe Premiere, FinalCut, Vegas Pro, etc.

Motion Graphics Services at Inspire Art & Studio:

Inspire offers a wide range of digital and e-marketing services to customers wishing to market their brands and products. Among Inspire’s services is a high-quality motion graphic video production. The company provides an experienced and creative team in all aspects of motion graphic production while using the latest programs and tools to create projects that satisfy your every need.

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