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Is AI Going To replace Graphic Designers?

Updated: Apr 5

A hand of a robot try to touch something

Artificial intelligence revaluation has an impact on every major one study claimed that 25% of jobs are considered at high risk of being lost due to automation. Graphic design is not an exception so let's deep dive into this effect.

Table of content :

  1. Graphic design is different.

  2. AI Strengths.

  3. Humanity is more intelligent, so far.

  4. Move forward with the tide, not against it.

  5. On a final note.

Graphic design is different :

The first graphic design that took place in history was in 15,000 BC and it was essentially a visual communication. This means the graphic design isn't about tools or techniques, it's the ideas, visions, and emotions. As a human, we come up with new ideas all the time to solve problems or to express our fears and desires; so automation has no place in this process because we always face new problems and go through different emotions all the time.

Graphic design is different

AI Strengths :

Relevancy :

When you make a first impression about a new person your brain combines information from memories, past experiences, and subconscious personal axioms to conclude judgments and act on them, AI does the same thing but takes your unconscious choices into account. This appears so clearly on an Instagram feed where it gets personalized dynamically day by day by analyzing location, liked posts, span, and what your mutual friends are looking at.

Handle large amounts of variables :

What we can finish in weeks or months AI can process in a fraction of the time and with better accuracy. In some cases, quantity matters more than quality, and in terms of quantity, humans don't get a chance to compete with machines.

Produce multiple variations :

Its abilities are not limited to just identifying patterns it also can create millions of variations from the pattern in an instant. There was a project name " Nutella Unica " whose aim was to create many unique packaging designs for Nutella the result was stunning creating seven million different versions of Nutella’s packaging.

Humanity is more intelligent, so far :

Understanding The hints :

Along the way, we have developed complicated hints and nuances by detecting and decoding people’s behaviors through body language, tone of voice, context, and cultural norms. AI can't do the same because even humans lack knowledge in understanding how that process happens.

From people to people :

As we mention before graphic design its core meaning is visual communication so it does not matter whether there are mistakes or not the point is whether the image can convey the message or not.

Humanity is more intelligent, so far

Ironically maybe these mistakes in images are what differentiate us as human

Moral sense :

Yes, so many trials and experiments have been done to make AI understand the ethical codes but it's not enough yet to say that AI has a moral sense.

Move forward with the tide, not against it :

Many experts assume that the role of the designer will evolve from being a creator to a curator which means AI will be just a tool designer will benefit from.

Here you can find some AI design generators : :

Logoai :

Logoai :

On a final note :

AI is not the first change in the industry of graphic design, and it won’t be the last, it's up to you whether you cope with the changes or leave your place to someone who can do so.

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