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Animations and Design

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Animations & Design

One of INSPIRE's offers for marketing and premium media production is 2-D animation videos. This is incredibly prominent in the visual arts, technology, and marketing fields, particularly in connection with websites and social media sites. We will discuss more 2-D animations in this article.

What are 2-D animations

2-D stands for 2 dimensional, in animation which means that the animated objects are controlled in 4 directions, Up & Down (Y-axis), Left & Right (X-axis). This is the most basic type of animation that is used in many applications such as cartoons, advertising materials, educational and work presentations, games, and many others. These are effective marketing tools as they have audio-visual and dynamic effects to offer to the viewer. All these features nominate this form of media creation as the go-to tool for entrepreneurs to use in advertisements and presentations.

What is the most popular software for creating 2-D animations?

With the technological improvements and the easy availability of software and electronic tools, digital design and animation design have become much easier and accessible to everyone. Many programs are used in creating animations, some of the popular ones are Adobe Photoshop, ProCreate, Adobe AfterEffect, Blender, SideFX Houdini, and many more paid and free-to-use tools and programs.

What are the stages of producing 2-D animations?

First stage: includes identifying the idea of the video and then converting this idea into a narrative or dialogue text, designing characters, identifying colors and backgrounds that are suitable to the content of the video, and then recording the necessary audio material, thus determining the visual and audio material that the audience will receive in addition to determining the dynamic framework of the video.

The second stage is the animation-making phase by producing scenes, coordinating text, colors, and backgrounds with the movement of sketches and their sequence. After the direction of the scenes and visual and musical background coordination, the raw video is ready but needs to be adjusted and organized.

Third stage: The final modification phase of motion improvements or addition or modification of sound and visual effects so that the video is ready to be uploaded on different social media platforms or websites.

What is the importance of 2D animations in marketing?

Animated films are one of the most attractive advertising methods for viewers of different backgrounds and cultures, they can simplify ideas and communicate them to a large audience with ease because this type of media is familiar to people and is usually associated with beautiful childhood memories, which make it a fun audio, visual and dynamic experience linked to positive feelings and not just an advertising video. In addition, 2D animations can create fun and simplicity at a cost that is low compared to other marketing methods. These videos can be used for various marketing purposes, whether as illustrative videos of the provided services or promotional or as documentation of the company's important achievements and actions.

INSPIRE 2D animation services:

If you are looking for a reliable and well-known entity with extensive experience and expertise in this business TDA studio will be your perfect choice as we offer you clear, understandable, and functional videos of high quality using the latest software and technologies.

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